Custom Sensor Products

Tecatron is since more than 30 years specialized in the development and production of custom made sensor systems for most industrial applications.
At the moment a standard detection system can not solve a Detection Problem at the best way, or the dimensions or mounting possibilities are not ideal. Tecatron will remain entirely at your service to produce the best custom made detection solution for at the most the same price range, in comparison with regular standard industrial sensor systems, this to solve your technical problem.

Frequently Used Detection Systems :
- Ultrasonic systems
- Inductive field detection systems
- Laser systems
- Heat detection
- Color sensing
- Infra-Red detection
- Capacitive detection, ...
( Also a combination of different detection systems can be used in one particular sensor )

Customer Partnership during Sensor Development Process

During the development process of each custom made sensor, customers can receive 3D-files to evaluate the sensor mounting possibilities or dimensions. See below a sample sensor body to download.












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