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Tecatron is a company founded in the year 1970 in Belgium by Marcel Van Ginderachter.
Since the start up of Tecatron, it is always our goal to produce high quality industrial products at the best prices, to insure a low maintenance cost and the highest product reliability, and to build a long-term relationship with our customers.

Each new product model is developed to be regularly produced over a period of 20 years. If there are new product options, they are always fully compatible with earlier models within this period, but it is also our policy to provide the possibility to produce earlier models on customer demand, even after the normal production period of 20 years.












Eurosoft Pick and Place machines in a special clean environment with a capacity of 5300 electronic component placements per hour on Printed Circuit Boards , and the possibility to select 60 different components from the rotational drum.

For the development of new products on customer demand, it is always our goal to use the maximum of our many existing system parts, this to reduce the development costs.

Since 1980, Tecatron started the production of electronic equipments for Traffic applications to deliver these products as a subcontractor to Road Signal Manufacturers .
The name SPECTRA - SIGNALBAU has been introduced since 1990 in a new department of TECATRON, to accommodate the Electronic Signal Product activities.


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